Tired of taking notes in online meeting? A solution might be here for you.

Tired of meeting notes?

As we all know, most meetings tend to be long and contain a lot of information. Because of that, participants are caught up with individual note-taking, instead of focusing on the discussion itself and interacting with other participants. This often results in misunderstandings between participants, inconsistent meeting results, and might lead to poor task management. Focusing on note-taking during a meeting is a real problem in meetings nowadays. As individuals tend to work more and more remotely, they lack physical proximity with their colleagues (or clients).

When taking notes they cannot simply ask the person next to them for example. In case of misunderstanding, people might simply renounce to note the discussed information or have to go out of their way to gather it after the meeting. This causes lower productivity and increases their workload.

Everyone has experienced at least once inconsistencies during online meetings nowadays due to the increase in remote communications in the last years.

We all have experienced at least once inconsistencies with online meetings.  For instance, having to repeat at the beginning of a meeting what was discussed in the previous one. Or having to postpone a meeting because some participant did not note properly their to-dos. This can be quite annoying, especially in teams that need to have a large number of meetings weekly. Thus, it becomes critical to find ways to better organize online meetings, ensure the accuracy of the notes taken as well as increase the speed from talk to action.

Research and evidence lead unequivocally our labs to the solution for future online meetings. An AI-driven smart assistant that fixes all your attention gaps is the most promising means of improvement for meetings, scaling from small board gatherings to massive lectures.

A third virtual entity in the meeting allows participants to focus on the discussion, increases interactions, and in the end improves overall productivity while working in the background for you. Taking notes and Re-watching recorded meetings would not be an issue anymore. A smart assistant could be key to boosting meeting efficiency: It will take care of the tedious tasks while the participants can focus on important topics with less stress.

Tired of taking notes in online meeting? A solution might be here for you.

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