Smart meeting assistants: the new revolution for meeting notes?

As we all know, most meetings tend to be really long and contain a lot of information. Because of that, participants are caught up with individual note taking, instead of focusing on the discussion itself and interacting with other participants. This often results in misunderstandings between participants, inconsistent meeting results and might lead to poor task management. Focusing on note taking during a meeting is the main problem of meetings nowadays, and it is the cause of lower productivity and higher efforts.

Everyone has experienced at least once inconsistencies during online meetings.

Remember this time when you participated in the fifth meeting row on the same issue? No one was prepared and you ended up not advancing at all on the topic. Or what about this monthly meeting that lasted so long that you lost track for a moment? You could remember what was the new KPIs for your team and had to email your colleagues to find out.

This has been accentuated over the last years due to the necessary increase of remote communications. Many people spend their working days jumping from one meeting to another and tend to lose attention after a while.

Research and evidence lead unequivocally to the solution of this issue for future online meetings. An AI-driven smart assistance that fixes all your attention gaps, helps you organise your various meeting scaling from small board gatherings to massive lectures.

A third virtual entity in the meeting allows participants to focus on the discussion, increases interactions and in the end improves overall productivity, while working in the background for you. Taking notes and Re-watching recorded meetings would not be an issue anymore.

Smart assistants, as they grow more and more efficient, will be key for boosting meeting efficiency: They will take care of the redundant, time consuming tasks (e.g. note taking, to do lists, agenda management, attendance check, etc.)  while the participants can concentrate on the important topics and actively engage in the conversations.

Interested in boosting your productivity? Try DocVox in your next meeting!

Smart meeting assistants: the new revolution for meeting notes?
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