How has the pandemic highlighted everything that was wrong with traditional online meetings?

During the pandemic, governments have urged people to start working from home. Within a very short time frame, organizations had to switch their entire workflow online. Many in person meetings became digital meetings over the internet. This has been an enormous shift in the way we work, one with serious consequences for our productivity. Talking to your colleagues online can feel impersonal and unengaging. The shift online has also significantly lowered the bar to have a meeting, leading to more meetings. It indeed became way more easy to message your colleague on Slack to ask her if you could have a quick meeting to clear out she meant in her last email for example. the multiplication of meetings did not come with an increase of productivity as we presented in a previous article. People are getting tired by back to back meetings that often don't lead to anything. We have seen the apparition of a new term:“zoom fatigue”, that gain in popularity the last two years.

The University of North Carolina found that of the 182 senior managers surveyed, “65% said meetings keep them from completing their own work. 71% said meetings are unproductive and inefficient.”

Clearly, the current way we approach meetings isn't working. But obviously, meetings are still needed if you work together with other people in any sort of capacity. So how do we fix this?

Instead of seeing the move to digital as a compromise that we have to make, we need to look at the immense opportunity this brings to completely rethink how meetings are held. Having your meetings in the digital domain, also allows us to take advantage of all the huge recent advances in this domain. We could make the computer automate all the tasks that currently make a meeting feel unengaging and lengthy, so team members can focus on the discussion.

Or as Forbes puts it:

AI could be considered an extension of business teams: a note-taking, deliverable-assigning, meeting management machine that takes over the menial tasks, executing on them with precision and elegance.” (Annie Brown, Forbes)

By inviting Artificial Intelligence into our team, we can transform this shift online from a necessity to an invaluable asset for your business.

Discover all the advantages that DocVox can bring to you and your team during meetings.

How has the pandemic highlighted everything that was wrong with traditional online meetings?
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