How digital technologies are improving our work-life balance?

Regardless of seniority, a lot of people across tech and beyond have been rethinking their relationship with work, in light of the pandemic’s shock to the system. Some are opting out of the rat race entirely, but for most people, this past year has been an opportunity to set up some new boundaries between work and the rest of life. Tech workers are realizing, some for the first time, that work isn’t — and doesn’t have to be — the meaning of life. What a concept, finally!

With the new developing technologies, the idea of “balance” between work and life is kind of a joke at this point.

Whether you want to “integrate” more of your work into your life, or define boundaries between work and personal life, new possibilities are getting available and more manageable for 21st century workers around the world. Yes, for certain jobs, personal life blends with working life: friends, sport, art, activities, etc. Digital technologies are giving us space to integrate every aspect of our occupation into our daily life, or the possibility to stay away from everything related to work. Both alternatives are contemplated and followed according to people’s will and different periods of life. Essentially, working is getting easier.

Productivity digital tools are a key to employees' life in and outside of work.

Massive amounts of time are saved thanks to simple apps that create, manage, and share content directly from our phones. The Covid pandemic accelerated the integration of these tools and made remote working a viable solution for millions of people across the world. Most of us especially appreciate that time saved commuting to work!

Daily, weekly, and monthly meetings are now held online or in a hybrid format. With a good connection, a decent setup, and all sorts of AI assistants working in the background, we can attend all these meetings from your home. Tech digital companies had their rise in this scene, we can take the example of Zoom which was barely used a few years ago but has registered 3.3 trillion! of annual meeting minutes in 2020.

More efficiency equals faster work deliveries and more free time.

If wisely used, this time will be more and more available in modern worker’s societies, and we could finally drop the myth of the busy important people having no free time in their life. When thinking about professional realization, the new goal of working the strictly necessary and having plenty of free time will come to mind. The Low effort, Maximum results working approach.

Having this objective in mind, it is critical to implement the right tools in our workflows. Docvox for instance will allow you to be focused and engaged in meetings while being sure that your notes are being taken and your task assigned properly.

Free up your mind and your time! Try out Docvox today!

How digital technologies are improving our work-life balance?
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